This was the home and atelier of the Czech-Ecuadorian artist and Holocaust survivor Trude Sojka.
It is located in the neighbourhood La Floresta, in Quito, Ecuador.

Today at the Museum

The circle closes – retrospective of
Trude Sojka’s artworks

Gabriela Steinitz,
No one’s Imprints –
temporary exhibit

Guided visits in English, Spanish and French

Café Praga

Our collections

Trude Sojka

More than 300 paintings and sculptures by the Holocaust survivor artist (1930-2007)


Objects from the first Ecuadorian handicrafts factory and shop (1940-1972)

Gabriela Steinitz

Contemporary conceptual art by Trude Sojka’s granddaughter (from 2013-present)

Historical documents and objects

Sketch books, letters, certificates… and various objects owned by the Steinitz-Sojka family (1900-2007)


The Steinitz-Sojka family’s memories in pictures (1900-2007)


More than 2000 books in Spanish, English, German, French, Czech… about art, Holocaust, Judaism, litterature and many more. (XIXth century-present)

What visitors say

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